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PYPL Index : The PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language Index is created by analyzing how often language tutorials are searched on Google.

According to PYPL Index, Java is the most widely searched programming language in the world. Java has a 24.3 percent developer share in March 2015. Searches of Java has went down by 0.6 percent. PHP remains in second position, but some distance behind, with a share of 11.4 percent. Gap between Java and PHP is more wide in India. In India, Java Shares 31.5 percent compare to 13.0 percent of PHP. In US, PHP is at 8th place.

PHP is now closely followed by Python (10.7), Which is second most searched language in US behind Java. Python gains 1.1 percent in worldwide searches since March 2014. In US, margin between Java and Python is 5.3 percent, while this figure is 12.9 in worldwide trends. Other popular languages are C#, C++, C, Javascript and Objective-C.

Swift, the new language introduced by Apple, is ranked 11th by PYPL. Popularity of Swift is increased by 3% this year. C and R languages has also became more popular.

Swift and JavaScript is declared as language of the year 2014 by PYPL and TIOBE index respectively.

Source : http://knoema.com/ITPYPLC2015/pypl-popularity-of-programming-language-index

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