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Formula One racing championship has its start on the first official race in Britain in 1950. Since this time Queen of races attracts thousands of people every year around the world. Racing teams compete with each other developing new tactics and creating engineering miracles making all events enormous holiday race performances.As for racers every race weekend seems to be one the most serious trial. They carry heavy loads during each race and try to be the best and generate benefit for their own teams. That is why this racing championship attracts a lot of people.

Scores statistics bring new sight on the racers success and mastery, but can not reflect the real power of each racer. Taking scores depends on the conditions of the race and qualification and do not reveal the real potential of the racer. Besides, the counting score system have been changing during time. For instance, the most greatest seven-times F1 champion Michael Schumacher takes 4th position with 1566 points. 

The youngest champion Sebastian Vettel who won the title in 2010 when he was 23 years old has another leading position - the highest number of points which is equal to 1992. This is not only the top position in a current championship it is the highest stand in the history of Formula One championships. His late season is still marked by beautiful places of honor. Above all, it lacks some indirectly dispossess Lewis Hamilton the title of world champion at the last race in Brazil, he finished fourth. Vettel finished his first full season in Formula 1 to eighth in the standings with 35 points, an unexpected result earlier this year.

All racers compete for points which lead to champion title and you can observe the top of them for all Formula One history.


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