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India is considered to be the country with the lowest cost of travelling by air. Average price to travel 100 km by plane in this country is $10.4. Noteworthy that India is one of two countries - the second is United States - where travelling by air is cheaper than travelling by train: in both countries the difference is about 5 dollars. On the opposite side of the ranking traditionally expensive European countries are located with Finland at the top: one hundred kilometers flight in this country costs in average $139. Concerning cost of railroad trip, South Africa is the cheapest country followed by Georgia and Egypt. The latter, in turn, is the country with the lowest price for 100km bus trip which constitutes a bit less than $2: so, bus trip through the whole country from west to east will cost 20 dollars. While bus, as a rule, is considered to be comparatively cheap transport mode, in some countries it is even more expensive than plane. The examples of such countries are Netherlands and Australia. Thus, in Netherlands flight is cheaper than bus travel by 4 dollars, while in Australia the difference is bigger by 50 cents. All in all, average cost of transportation by all three modes is the lowest in South Africa, Albania, Malaysia and Thailand and the highest in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Israel. See also: Comparison of Price to Travel by Different Transport Modes

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