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As a whole, there are more men than women in the world as of 2015 estimates by the United Nations Department on Economic and Social Affairs. Namely, there are 101.78 males per every 100 females in the world. Meanwhile, the majority of countries (126 out of 195) in the world have more women than men. The matter is that in the two world's most populated countries, China and India, and some other Asian countries male population is bigger than female population. Still gender ratio varies significantly from country to country.

So, the former Soviet Union countries such as Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus are among the countries with the highest male female ratio in the world. Much of gender discrepancy comes from the history: World War I, civil war in Russia, "Great Terror" in Soviet Union, World War II caused a lot of deaths among male population.

Conversely, countries with the highest men to women ratios (where there are more men than women) are in Middle East region. Thus, in United Arab Emirates and Qatar there are 275 and 266 men for every 100 women respectively.

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