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Climate change. A popular subject among scientists, finance and insurance entities, infrastructure companies, politicians, and now Knoema. We may not be climate scientists, but we do prize data, including data so often referenced as stakeholders seek to shape the policy frameworks and investment flowing into efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change.   

We were taken recently with an article published in March by the US Federal Reserve Bank that described the relevance of climate change on a range of macroeconomic issues--potential output growth, capital formation, productivity, the long-run real interest rate, and so on--and how economists today factor in climate change in their assessments of future economic and financial risks when setting monetary and financial supervisory policy.

To that end, we do not have a view on Paris, but we do want to equip you with the data underlying the discourse on climate change so you can inform your operations, market position, or general interest in the topic. No doubt you’ll soon discover or be reminded, perhaps, exactly why the debate on climate change rages on as it does, with various stakeholders arguing from different bodies of evidence

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