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WRI works to solve six great, global challenges that must be addressed this decade: water, forests, climate, energy, food, cities and transport. We have active projects in more than 50 countries, as well as institutional offices in the United States, China, India, Indonesia and Brazil.

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    • août 2023
      Source : World Resources Institute
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      string_id: contains a unique string for each geometry. Geometries are the union of hydrological basins, provinces and groundwater aquifers. String_id is a combination of pfaf_id-gid_1-aqid. name_0: Country bws_raw: raw value. Units depend on the indicator bws_score: each indicator is mapped to a [0-5] scale. bws_label: A label explaining the category of the indicator including the threshold. eg "Extremely High (more than 1 in 100)". w_awr_def_qan_raw raw value on 0-5 scale. Result of weighted composite approach w_awr_def_qan_score: score [0-5], the result of applying a quantile approach to raw values ​​w_awr_def_qan_label: A label explaining the category of the grouped water risk w_awr_def_qan_weight_fraction: the fraction [0-1] of the group towards the overall water risk score. NoData is excluded from the weights and therefore the fractions can be lower than 1 depending on data availability