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Reputation Institute

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    • juin 2018
      Source : Reputation Institute
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      Country RepTrak | Top Countries by ReputationThe Global RepTrak® 100 is a study that Reputation Institute conducts annually to measure the reputation of the world’s 100 most highly-regarded and familiar global companies in 15 countries. Included firms must meet the following qualifications: 1) Have a significant economic presence in the 15 largest economies 2) Have an above average reputation in its home country 3) Have global familiarity over 40% It is the largest Global reputation study, with ~170,000 ratings   Normative Scale for Reputation track pulse score Excellent/Top Tier: 80+ Strong/Robust: 70-79 Avg./Moderate: 60-69 Weak/Vulnerable: 40-59 Poor/Lowest: <40