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National Statistical Office of Malawi

The National Statistical Office of Malawi is the main government department responsible for the collection and dissemination of official statistics. With headquarters based in Zomba, our 300 employees operate under the 2013 Statistics Act. The NSO also has regional offices in the major urban centres of Lilongwe, Mzuzu, and Blantyre. Many of the NSO's statistical products may be obtained at these offices as well as the headquarters in Zomba.

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    • janvier 2019
      Source : National Statistical Office of Malawi
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      Accès le : 08 janvier, 2019
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      Data cited at: https://malawi.opendataforafrica.org/dkmxpxb The National Statistical Office collect prices on a monthly basis from various points around the country. These are then used to calculate a variety of price indices showing the average changes in consumer prices. From these figures, an estimate of consumer price inflation is then made. The Consumer Price Index is released monthly, usually by the 20th of each month following that to which the data refers. Figures and a short commentary are available on a printed bulletin. A detailed breakdown of the Consumer Price Index is also published in the Monthly Statistical Bulletin. Summary tables of inflation rates and the Consumer Price Index for National, Urban and Rural areas are available on this site.
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    • septembre 2014
      Source : National Statistical Office of Malawi
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      Accès le : 22 avril, 2015
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      This dataset contains data for the following topics: 1. Information and Communication 2. Health 3. Environment 4. Agriculture 5. Education 6. Economy 7. Demography 8. Nutrition 9. Tourism 10. Social services 11. Transport 12. Governance  
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