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Knoema is a search engine for data seamlessly connecting public and private sources and making data discoverable and accessible to information workers. Knoema does for data what Google did for websites and the Internet overall. It makes it trivial to find data when you need it and make a story out of it.

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    • février 2015
      Source : Knoema
      Téléchargé par : Knoema
      Accès le : 06 février, 2015
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      This is a crowd sourced effort to collect information about hospitals such as number of doctors, number of beds and list of healthcare services  offerred by the hospitals.  List of Indicators: 1. Hospital Name 2. GIS data 3. Location name (e.g.: Zorzor city, Lofa country) 4. Hospital ownership model (public/ private-for-profit/ NGO) 5. Referral level (primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary) 6. # of staff total (Full time employees) 7. # of nurses (Full time employees) 8. # of doctors (Full time employees) 9. Current number of beds 10. Max number of beds 11. Current Occupancy Rate 12. # of operating rooms 13. Running water (Yes/No/Sometimes) 14. Electricity (Yes/No/Sometimes) 15. List of main healthcare services offered
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