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Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, Burundi

Before the creation of the current Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of Burundi (ISTEEBU); several attempts had been made to enable the country to have reliable statistics in the various fields of national life. These first regulations in the field are contained in the decree of 11 March 1948, authorizing the Government to carry out statistical investigations, including Article 1 which reads as follows: "Statistical surveys on the demographic situation may be carried out, economic and social life of the colony. ". The effects of this decree were very limited. Later, by Royal Decree No. 001/566 of December 18, 1964, was created the Rundi Institute of Statistics (IRUSTAT), with a broad spectrum of statistical missions. The institute was transformed by Decree No. 1/148 of 27 March 1968 into a Directorate of Statistics under the Ministry of Planning. It was during this period that sectoral statistical services were created in several ministerial departments. In order to increase efficiency and efficiency, the Statistics Directorate was transformed by Decree No. 100/132 of 19 April 1980 into a Custom Administration under the name of "National Service for Studies and Statistics (SNES)". , before taking the current name of "ISTEEBU" (Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of Burundi) by Decree No. 100/033 of 23 February 1990.

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