National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, France

The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, abbreviated INSEE, is the French national statistics bureau. It collects and publishes information about the French economy and people, and carries out the periodic national census. Headquartered in Paris, it is the French branch of Eurostat. The INSEE was created in 1946 as a successor to the Vichy regime's National Statistics Service (SNS).

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    • janvier 2021
      Source : National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, France
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      Goal 6 aims to ensure access for all to sustainably managed water supply and sanitation services. The national indicators selected for monitoring objective 6 relate to the consequences of human activities on water, from its source to the users' taps. Indicators Population served by non-compliant water Surface and groundwater quality Compliance of sanitation devices Efficiency of drinking water networks Water withdrawals Local public water services with Consultative Commissions (CCSPL) among those with a legal obligation to dispose of them. TRANSLATE with xEnglishArabicHebrewPolishBulgarianHindiPortugueseCatalanHmong DawRomanianChinese SimplifiedHungarianRussianChinese TraditionalIndonesianSlovakCzechItalianSlovenianDanishJapaneseSpanishDutchKlingonSwedishEnglishKoreanThaiEstonianLatvianTurkishFinnishLithuanianUkrainianFrenchMalayUrduGermanMalteseVietnameseGreekNorwegianWelshHaitian CreolePersian  TRANSLATE with COPY THE URL BELOW BackEMBED THE SNIPPET BELOW IN YOUR SITEEnable collaborative features and customize widget: Bing Webmaster PortalBack
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