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Federal Statistical Office of Germany

Federal Statistics Office of Germany mission is to provide and disseminate statistical information, which is objective, independent and of high quality. This information is made available to everybody: politicians, government, administration, businessmen and citizens. The federal law on statistics specifies the duties and responsibilities of the federal statistical office.

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    • mars 2016
      Source : Federal Statistical Office of Germany
      Téléchargé par : Knoema
      Accès le : 25 avril, 2016
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      Detailed report on projected polpulation development until 2060 a). where G1 represents Approximate stability in Fertility b). where G2 represents Slight increase in Fertility c). Where L1 represents Moderate increase by 2060 in Life Expectancy d). Where L2 represents Pronounced increase by 2060 in Life Expectancy e). Where W1 represents Long-term average, minimum level in Net Migration f). Where W2 represents Long-term average, maximum level in Net Migration