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Statistics Netherlands

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) enables people to have debates on social issues on the basis of reliable statistical information.The mission of CBS is to publish reliable and coherent statistical information which responds to the needs of Dutch society. The responsibility of CBS is twofold: firstly, to compile (official) national statistics and secondly to compile European (community) statistics.

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    • mai 2019
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      Data cited at:  CBS StatLine databank https://opendata.cbs.nl/statline/portal.html?_la=en&_catalog=CBS Publication: Wind energy; electricity production, capacity and supply of wind by month https://opendata.cbs.nl/portal.html?_la=en&_catalog=CBS&tableId=70802eng&_theme=1005 License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/   This table shows monthly, quarterly and annual figures of the production of electricity by wind energy, the capacity of wind turbines and an index for the amount of wind supply for the production of electricity. The figures are broken down by onshore and offshore wind. The index for the amount of wind is only available for wind turbines on land. Data available from: January 2002, monthly Status of the figures: The figures in this table are definite from January 2002 to December 2016, revised provisional for 2017 and provisional from January 2018 onwards. Changes as of 11 October 2018: Provisional figures for August 2018 have been added. Changes as of 2 May 2018: The underlying codes of the classifications used in this table have been adjusted. These are now in line with the standard codes set by Statistics Netherlands. The structure and data of the table are not adjusted. When will new figures be published? Provisional figures for electricity production will appear in the second month after the reference month. Adjusted provisional figures on all variables and for all months for the previous year appear in June each year. Final figures on all variables and for all months for the previous year appear in December each year.