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Biélorussie - Prélèvements d'eau à usage industriel

0,48 (10^9 m3/an) en 2013

Annual quantity of water withdrawn for industrial uses. It includes renewable water resources as well as potential over-abstraction of renewable groundwater or withdrawal of fossil groundwater and potential use of desalinated water or treated wastewater. This sector refers to self-supplied industries not connected to the public distribution network. The ratio between net consumption and withdrawal is estimated at less than 5%. It includes water for the cooling of thermoelectric plants, but it does not include hydropower.

Date Valeur Modifier, %
2013 0,48 -1,95 %
2010 0,49 -1,32 %
2005 0,49 -9,27 %
2000 0,54 -17,50 %
1995 0,66